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what we KNOW

We know that not every child who was abused grows up to be an abuser. In fact, the  majority of them don’t grow up to repeat the cycle. But… we don’t know why.

We know that every abuser was once abused him/herself. We need to know how to interrupt this cycle.  

what we need

We need to understand the impact and the outcomes of the involvement of child protective services and the courts on the children and families they are serving. That will require helping those systems change their culture and systems to be able to know whether they have actually been helpful to children and families reported to them. 


We will collaborate with existing health foundations that are funding basic and clinical research in health conditions that are associated with or a result of child abuse and neglect and augment their research programs to better understand the causal links and how to best address them.

If we know what is working and how to implement it, we can share this information with those who need it.