Change the conversation

Currently child abuse and neglect is seen as something that happens to families in poverty and in “other neighborhoods”. It is seen as something that happens to others and not something that happens to “normal” people. 

We believe that if we simply talk about child abuse and neglect and reframe the way we look at from being solely and social and legal problem to also a physical, mental and public health problem, child abuse and neglect will drastically decrease.

Imagine if we could cure cancer by talking about it…


We understand that there is no easy way to address child abuse and neglect. We know that everyone has his or her story, his or her response to that story and his or her feelings about the way it is addressed, treated and improved upon. 

We also know that we must be bold and create movement in order to cause enough momentum for change.

“Freedom lies in being bold”
-Robert Frost

It is not our intention to cause harm, create hardship or to trigger anyone who has experienced or known the experience of child abuse and neglect. Instead it is our deepest desire to break the silence, change conversation and lend freedom to the momentum that can come from doing something that no one has done. 

We thank you for your courage. We thank you for your voice. We thank you for your feedback. And most importantly we thank you for looking in and not away. 



Why advocacy?

History has shown that when we speak up, stand out and work together, nations form, constitutions are developed, slavery is abolished, marriages are warranted, diseases are cured, and vaccines are found. 

We advocate because it takes all of us. 

We advocate to break the silence.

We advocate because we matter, you matter, our children matter, our neighbors matter and their children matter. And for all those that matter, we work to create change. 

Start with the population, end with legislation

Laws change when people believe they are worth changing. Things are not attended to unless they are broken. 

So…we start with you, the people, the voices. 

And we end in our capitals, with our leaders and representatives, and it is there that protection, investments and laws shift.
So join us…