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Our Vision:

  1. Our Foundation will change the perception of child abuse and neglect in our country as social and legal problems, to also being health, mental health and public health problems that can be treated.
  2. Our Foundation will work with others to dramatically expand funding for research, training, and prevention

  3. Our Foundation will use our public awareness campaign to assist parents, professionals and communities to collectively end child abuse and neglect 


We look to support the growth of research, training and prevention programs through our grant programs.

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Partnership opportunities


The field of child abuse and neglect has developed by way of response. People see a need, they form an organization and they work diligently to focus on their intent. And yet, our field is a siloed one. One with often the same goal, and little collaboration to achieve it. EndCAN, through our funding, and national efforts will work to unite the field of child abuse and neglect. Our focus will be to create unity, partnerships and power in numbers. If you or an organization you know is interested in collaborating, partnering or joining the effort, contact us today to set up a conversation. We welcome you.