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the problem

In 1968, 98% of children who were diagnosed with leukemia died. Today, 98% of them live thanks to 50 years of NIH and private foundation support for research, training, treatment, prevention and advocacy. There were 1500 deaths a year from Polio in the US in 1953; there have been none since 1970.  In contrast there have been more than 1500 deaths from child abuse and neglect every year since the 1970’s. 

Child abuse and neglect has been seen as a social and legal issue; dealt with primarily after the occurrence, often in a punitive fashion. Fifty years after the United States started its child protection system,  there is no evidence that the billions of dollars of services that were provided actually helped children and families. The Child Protection System does not monitor the outcomes for children and families of their interventions.

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study(ACES) has shown that four or more ACES are associated with lifelong effects on the physical health, mental health and lifespan of adults. Half of the 10 ACES are included in child abuse and neglect.  

child abuse & neglect


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or more a year have substantiated cases with child welfare. Children abused by someone outside the family are not included.



is actually spent over the lifetime of the children who experience abuse and neglect in a single year.



of National Institutes of Health funding is dedicated to child abuse and neglect each year (compared to $351 million annually for childhood cancer)



our goal

Our overarching goal is to end child abuse and neglect in our lifetime. The way we intend to achieve this is to change the perception of child abuse and neglect in our country as social and legal problems, to also being health, mental health and public health problems that can be treated. To do so we will need your donations and your support.

our Friends

Our friends at the American Society for the Positive Care of Children have an extensive library of resources. One of their goals is to compile the most comprehensive collection of practical educational resources on topics related to child abuse prevention through positive child care. For more information, visit americanspcc.org.

endcan goal

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